Good Night :-)

Had a wonderful day today 🙂 Always enjoy the quality time, with my children 🙂 My 19yr old is home from college, for the holidays 🙂 and I couldn’t be more happy! My heart is full, just looking at their faces n listening to their laughter 🙂 🙂 I Thank God, for this privilege! I truly am Blessed……… Sweet Dreams, to all, may you rest well 🙂


Marriage and Divorce

Hey guys. So yesterday was my parents 33rd wedding anniversary. Sounds great huh? 33 years of marriage. But unfortunately they’re in the middle of getting a divorce. Things really aren’t so great. Of course i want my parents to be happy, but i wish they could be happy together. 33 years, 2 children, a miscarriage, and a stillbirth later my mom decides to rekindle a high school flame right in front of my father. I’m not making her out to be the bad guy because i do admit my father had his problems but i don’t think what she did was right either. Nor do i think my father did anything to make her not want to get divorced. They fought. A lot. But there were good times too. But now i see the pain that kids with divorced parents go through. Though not all of these divorced parents are raising their own grandchildren. After my mom moved out all those responsibilities fell on me. I’m now not even 22 with a 7 and a 9 year old. All the responsibilities of the household fell on my shoulders. I have a job, i go to school, and now i take care of 2 children, my father, and my good for nothing brother, as well as the duties of the house. I had to go through all the yelling and fighting while my parents were still living together and now I’m the one getting yelled at when i don’t do something the first time. I’m not saying it’s so bad though, things have gotten a little more lenient, but it’s tough. I don’t really have a life besides being a housewife and I’m not married nor even in a relationship. Things are tough now, but they’ll eventually get better.


It’s Monday!

Good morning 🙂 It’s Monday and we all can relate, to how ‘dreary’ the beginning of the week can be! Hope everyone had a great wkend and spent it, with people you care about. Today, basketball tryouts started and my youngest son, is more than ready! Can’t believe, tryouts are 6am! But he got up n ready! I’m happy, that he’s trying out, for a sport he loves. He’s a good boy, with a lot of potential and I want him to take advantage, of every opportunity, that comes his way! I’ll be right there, cheering my baby on! 🙂 No matter how old they are, they’re still our babies 🙂

My Morning Quotes

Understand, my Wisdom and Respect, my Knowledge…….. If your not a Positive Influence, your a Negative Distraction……..

I picked these quotes because, we need to support our younger generation. We need to build them up and have respect, for their feelings and aspirations. Make them feel like they can do anything, they put their minds to. Give them hope and strengthen their faith. Be someone, they can look up to, when they’re not sure, what to do. Be there, when they need someone, to talk to………..
Be the ‘You’, you were meant to be…………… Peace and Blessings