Raising young men

Ok, yesterday my youngest son comes home with his report card. He got 2-C’s 2-B’s n 3-A’s. We discussed bringing up the 2C’s. I ask him almost everyday, how he’s doing in school. His responses are always short n brief 🙂 So, the day goes by, we get up in the morning, like we normally do n he goes out to the bus stop. So, I get a call about an incident that occurred yesterday! Him and a friend, took another students bookbag, so of course, he’s going to be disciplined for his actions,at home and school. I don’t understand, why he’d do such a thing, to begin with! He has 2 bookbags himself! He’s the youngest of 5 n he has 3 older brothers, all out of school. I never had to go through this sort of thing with them. Why is it always the youngest, that takes you through the most crap! Omg! I just wanna choke him! He’s not a disrespectful child. I think he’s trying to fit in. But he’s going about it,the wrong way! His father hasn’t been in his life, and it’s hard for me, to truly understand what he’s going through as a young black male……….


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